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Travelling tips

Travelling Tips
- Always change your cash at reputed banks, foreign bureau or hotels. Never change your money in the black market.
- Don’t expose your cash in public or hand over money to someone especially along the city streets.
- Avoid isolated streets and dark alleys.
- Don’t carry more money than you need when going out.
- Don’t display expensive jewellery.
- Be aware of the possibility of pick-pockets and bag snatchers in crowded areas.
- Keep copies of all your important documents separately from the originals incase of loss.
- It is advisable to take out emergency medical insurance prior to entering Kenya.
- It will be great if you can also visit other parts of Kenya while still there, for example you can go to Mombasa, Lamu Island or Malindi and spend your time swimming at the beach or you can go on a safari to Maasai Mara and see different wild animals:For more on this sort of journeys, kindly inform us and we will link you to the best people who offers this services.

Healthy Travelling
- Immunisation against Typhoid is highly recommended.
- A Cholera vaccination certificate is not mandatory for entry to Kenya. However, Cholera is a serious risk in Kenya and precautions should be taken. Talk to your doctor before travelling to Kenya.
- Malaria risk exists all over the country. It is advisable to take anti-malaria tabs before travelling to Kenya and especially the coast or the western part of Kenya. Nairobi’s relatively safer when it comes to malaria attacks.
- Water: Bottled water is available and the only guaranteed safe drinking water. Avoid drinking water straight from the taps. Alternatively boil the water first and cool it for drinking.
- Travellers' Diarrhoea - Food and waterborne diseases are the number one cause of illness in travellers. Travellers' Diarrhoea can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites, which are found throughout the region and can contaminate food or water.