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A serene, highly resourceful country in the eastern part of Africa is what Kenya is all about. A challenge for the adventurous, and a perfect getaway for the wild - Kenya Attractions are all this and much more. Though Kenya is highly rich in resources and receive lot of tourist every year. The gap between the rich and the poor keeps on broadening. It's because of this that many national and community based organisation have come up to try and tackle this. Kenya`s population is approximately 38 to 40 million with over 42 different tribes. Most people migrated to Nairobi to look for better opportunity hence with that Nairobi slums were born.

It is undisputed fact that a large percentage of Kenyan population lives in abject poverty and in very deplorable conditions. With the biting effects of poverty the poor cannot afford the basics of life and are therefore forced by circumstances to live in slums under very inhuman conditions which are not acceptable by any standard. Korogocho is the third largest slum in kenya after kibera and mathare with a population of over 150 000 residents. Korogocho is located in Kasarani Division on the eastern side of Nairobi and is made up of eight villages namely : Highridge, Grogan, Ngomongo, Ngunyumu, Githaturu, Kisumu Ndogo/Nyayo and Korogocho A and B, With an area of only 1,5 square kilometres .Korogocho is also one of the most densely populated slums in Nairobi. In Korogocho the density is estimated to an average of 5-6 people per room. These figures can be compared to for example Mathare where 4-5 persons on average share a single room. The settlements inhabitants come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. In total counting some thirty different groups: Kikuyu, Luo and Luhya being the major ones. There is also a large Somali community in the area. People started settling in Korogocho in the early 80s coming from different rural areas because of urbanisation. Korogocho name is derived from scrap mentals that was thrown in this place.

But despite the many challenges we face, the young people of Korogocho have decided to mobilize and organize the community around the issues affecting them in order to come up with possible solutions to the problems.The below mentioned initiative are among the many that have come up to create change in Korogocho slums.

Though the below mentioned initiative works independently they partner a lot in different activitities.

Who we are?
Koch Fm is the first ghetto community radio in Kenya. It was started in 2006 by a group of 10 youths in Korogocho slums. Our motto is: Edutainment - Educating through entertainment!
The radio is situated in Korogocho slums which is the third largest slum after Kibera and Mathare.
Why ?
The radio was started in order to provides a platform for Korogocho people to address their issues through information sharing, education and communication to promote social, political and economic well-being of its listeners. The radio's aim is to give a voice to the voice-less by mobilizing, lobbying and advocating for human rights issues using different radio programmes. Koch FM highlights issues like gender empowerment, HIV and aids, insecurities, poor governance, poor sanitation, children's rights and youth & talent.

koch fm

Who we are?
Ghetto Film Trust is a Kenyan youth led organization that is using popular media film and fine arts in entertaining, educating and most important advocating for the rights of the urban poor. Ghetto film trust is using film to mobilize community action and in the process creates a community that can make informed decision
Ghetto film trust traces its roots in the informal settlement of Korogocho where we also have a community radio Koch fm.
Why film?
Film is art and as its said art touches the heart of a gentleman and changes the souls of men, simply put by packaging our information in film we cut across all barriers and get the message out there.
1. Community Trainings-Since 2006 Gft has been Training ghetto youth on the art of film, already success stories are coming up as a number of ghetto film trust trainees have been able to gain employment in the mainstream media. Also Gft conducts trainings on governance issues such as devolved funds that are given by the Government for development but end up in Ghost projects.
2. Community Events-(Ghetto 2 Ghetto) Ghetto film has a mobile cinema event whereby the films we have done are shown to the members of the community from the various slums.

ghetto film club

Who we are?
Miss Koch initiative has been in existence since 2001, starting as a girl’s emancipation and empowerment organization.
The organization was founded as an intervention against endemic socio-economic and political problems facing the residents of the Korogocho, which included rising insecurity and disempowerment of the girl child
Miss Koch is an initiative in the expansive slum of korogocho, a ward among many other wards in the kasarani constituency that has despite all odds to come out and fight for their human rights even though they know they are living illegally on the land that belongs to the government which has neglected the people of korogocho.
The initiative is a tool that is lobbying, advocating and mobilizing people in empowering young girls rights.

Through our four programs we have been able to realize the impact the young people can do to improve their lives and other people’s lives. These programs are:
- Wadada – Girl child empowerment
- Badilika – Reproductive health, behaviour change and HIV/Aids
- Daraja – Governance , advocacy and peace building
- Burudika- Naturing of talents and promotion

miss koch