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Hi and Welcome to Daraja Africa!

Daraja Africa offers volunteer programmes to Kenya. As a volunteer you get the chance to work with different organisations advocating and lobbying for human rights issues such as: gender empowerment, HIV and Aids, youth empowerment, climate change, good governance, eradication of poverty and children's rights among others. We believe that in order for us to change what we consider unjust, we need to work with organisations that are working at the grassroots level.

See the menu above under 'Countries' to view the different organization that Daraja collaborates with.

View a reportage from Korogocho directed by David Herdies and Erik Rosshagen for SVT

As a volunteer you will get the chance to work in our three different programmes which are all located in the same place: Korogocho slums in Nairobi. We will engage you in the the daily running of the three organisations. This will enable you to work with different communication modules such as: Research on human rights violation, a community radio station and a film club.

The last one period of your volunteer time you will be able to choose one organisation among the ones you have being working with,and come up with your own project. The project will be inspired from what you as a volunteer have seen and experienced and would love to carry it on. The project you come up with will be a collaboration between you and the organisation.

I hope that you will enjoy travelling with us at Daraja Africa and we are sure that you will encounter another side of Africa - far away from the "normal" image of Africa hosted by lions and exotic tribes that we too often meet in media.


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